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Witney Karate Club

The Witney Karate Club is an award winning non profit traditional self defense martial arts club 

meaning all our profits are to be used for the benefit of the club & its members through new equipment ect.

Our aim is to provide & promote self defense & awareness & to pass on the traditions of

traditional karate do, we have many classes available for children of all ages as well as for adults & families.

Our founder & Instructor is the 2017 West Oxfordshire Coach of the year Sensei Benn Godfrey

(voted by west Oxfordshire district council & the GLL sports foundation).

Who is Sensei Benn.

Benn started training in karate at the young age of 7

over the years he has trained in a variety of diffrent martial art systems

such as Karate, Judo, Kickboxing & Boxing as well as some BJJ & MMA. Benn has always favored the Karate system & has

trained in a few diffrent Karate styles such as Shotokan, Shito-ryu, Kyokushin-kai & finally Goju-ryu.

Benn currently trains & is still continuing to learn under the Goju-ryu style of karate-do. 

Apart from martial arts Benn Joined the british army as an Infantry Solder from leaving school & has since been worked in the security industry & has gained many qualifications in this field, such as Agis Highfield Physical Intervention level 1 & 2. Benn has worked in & covered many aspects of the security industary from football stadiums, busy nightclubs, protction of high value goods & quick response security dog handler.

Benns biggest passion besides Karate is helping people & has worked in many voluntary roles over the years from animal conservation parks to primary schools.


Sensei Benn Godfrey 

Witney Karate Club Founder & Instructor

West Oxfordshire Coach of the year 2017

Japan Karate-do Federation Goju-kai Shodan

Seiwakai Goju-ryu Shodan


Tania Godfrey

Witney Karate Club Manager / Administrator  


Witney Karate Club & our members are proudly sponsored by