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This program is an introduction into sports based on martial arts.

 This class teaches every student the vital skills needed to be prepare them for life, or at least kindergarten.

It includes units in safety and life skills, these will help the students to become more well rounded by developing the child's social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.


EACH Lil Dragon will learn:


Learn to share

Develop self-esteem

Develop a sense of independence

Take turns

Stimulate curiosity

Promote physical strength

Develop a love of learning

Increase awareness of body and space

Follow directions

Encourage socialization

Problem solving

Demonstrate responsibility

Show self-control

Act respectfully

plus many more

 Tuesdays & Fridays 

The Batt CofE Primary School, Witney


Lil' Dragon's Creed

I'm a Lil' Dragon, Oh so strong.

Learning each day what's right and wrong.


I Punch so hard and kick so high, I move so fast I can almost fly.


Lil Dragon's YAY !